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While every reading is unique, as a professional Tarot reader my intention is to offer insightful and empowering readings to all my clients.  I see myself more as a Spiritual Mentor or Intuitive Teacher using my knowledge and expertise to help you gain clarity and understanding on your journey.

Tarot Card Reading

Do you have questions about your past, present or future ? Well, tarot cards have the answers for you!

You are just one step away from discovering everything you want to know about your love, fortune, career, luck, spirituality, family, friends, etc...

Group Readings

Readings are a wonderful way to entertain your guests and give them something meaningful to go home with. Guests typically have a lot of fun with this and like to share their stories afterwards. 


Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

I am dedicated to providing the best honest spiritual awareness through the power of my tarot cards and my spiritual guidance.

I believe that through my intuitive readings we can heal the mind and soul together with this crazy heart full of love.

"If you can't see the bright side i'll sit with you in the dark"

- Alice in Wonderland

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Satija Tarot

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Readings By Appointment Only

Things won’t change unless you make the proactive decision to move forward. Email rhondadeacon@icloud.com and schedule an appointment today for a better tomorrow or fill out the form below.


To avoid unnecessary delays, I see clients by appointment only. I offer only online readings. I am available Monday – Friday 11 am – 9 pm.

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Monday - Friday 11AM - 9PM

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